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31st March 2016 Danny Mellors

For some time now iDEAL CARS have been offering Credit and Debit Card payments to customers COMPLETELY FREE as an easier and more convenient way to pay.  Popularity for this payment method has grown and in order to further improve service to customers a new IN-CAR CONTACTLESS PAYMENT option is being introduced in May 2016.  This is a very convenient “faster way to pay” which will impress not only existing customers but also win more new customers for iDEAL CARS, the local Private Hire ‘Taxi’ phenomenon.

Directors Ian Brough and Daniel Mellors are said to be “delighted” with the deal arranged with our partners Autocab and PayPal and believe that this makes iDEAL CARS an even more attractive choice for local Private Hire ‘Taxi’ users.  Ian Brough said “our company has had substantial investment already but this is a no brainer, giving assurance to our customers that we offer diversity and to our drivers that we continue to offer them the best chance of earning a good living working with us at iDEAL CARS”

Great news for everyone, we’re sure you will agree!