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20th October 2016 Danny Mellors

iDEAL CARS are enjoying further growth in customer demand as job numbers soar towards a new record high in October.

We have been inundated with an increase in calls and bookings as the community acknowledges iDEAL CARS as the No.1 LOCAL, HONEST , RELAIBLE, SAFE and CHEAPER option in the area.

As a result, iDEAL CARS have created employment opportunities for more Telephone/Dispatch Operators and openings for more Drivers.  So far the fleet has increased by 25% and is still looking for at least 10 more drivers to start immediately or as soon as possible.

Ian Brough – Director said “the local community have been affected by recent changes in the competitor companies and decided to make the switch to iDEAL CARS.  As a result we have benefitted greatly.  We experienced a tough period whilst we caught up with demand for a few weeks but quickly implemented a growth strategy to enable us to embrace the extra work and new customers without jeopardising our reputation for delivery.  Its been a very exciting time for us at iDEAL CARS, long may it continue”

iDEAL CARS are now Hucknall’s No.1 Private Hire ‘TAXI’ service provider.  TO BOOK CALL 0115 901 7755 or download our FREE app for android and iPhone.