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Driver announcements


Driver companion now available for Apple devices

Thanks to our latest update from Autocab, the driver companion app is now available on android AND apple devices. This now allows more drivers to use their own devices and benefit from the weekly saving on their board payment.

If you would like to move your driver companion to your own phone, whether that’s Apple or android, come and speak to Dale or Danny and we’ll assist you in the process.


New high profile contract won

We have been very fortunate to position ourselves as the new supplier of taxis to Turbine surface technologies limited (TSTL), based at Sherwood business park. Bookings will start coming in from here in the very near future.

We are hoping to be doing lots of long distance passengers and parcel delivery runs from this account.

Success with this account will lead to Ideal cars positioning itself as the number 1 taxi company for Sherwood park and hopefully more work coming from there.

Venues we already work with at Sherwood park are;

Mour hotel


Cotton traders

Eddie Stobart




Increased work from local hotels

We have teamed up with both Mour hotel and the Bowman hotel to be their main taxi supplier to their guests. Using our online eBooker, these 2 venues will now book taxi for guests on their behalf without needed to call our offices. this will lead to more bookings being able to be placed.

in the first week trial with Mour hotel they used this service to book 4 taxis, at a total value of £87, each booking being £15+. all of these customers than rang/used our app to get back to the Mour hotel. Can we please ensure anyone being picked up from these hotels are given cards to ensure they use Ideal cars for the return journey.



Launch of the Ideal cars drivers announcement section

This announcements page as been set up so we can keep drivers informed as to what is happening throughout the business,  new accounts won etc.